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Fire Watch is required should the fire alarm system or sprinkler system be out of service for more than 4 hours in a 24-hour period. 
Central Protection offers a periodic walking tour of the entire facility by a licensed private security guard. Each tour is recorded with findings noting date time, and initialed. The tour monitors the facility through direct observation of all rooms for possible signs of fire.
Fire alarm system outages or sprinkler system outages can occur during construction, maintenance, renovation, electrical storms or other unplanned events which eliminate part or all of the fire alarm system.  Sprinkler systems may also be made inoperable by a variety of planned and unplanned events. Our fire watch guards are solely dedicated to the fire watch and no other -related activities.
Central Protection fire watch guards will check and document the following in all rooms including: 

• Corridors
• Laundry rooms
• Mechanical and Electrical rooms
• Fire department access to the facility (make sure no construction vehicles block access);
• Fire department access to hydrants, sprinkler connections, standpipes, and fire extinguishers;
• Exit access, exits and exit discharge are unobstructed; 
Storage of combustible or flammable materials shall be in approved containers or designated storage areas;
• Identify temporary heating devices and have them removed, 
• Fire and Smoke doors closed properly;
• Machinery unnecessary to be running continuously is turned off;
• Sprinkler valves shall be open and sealed, gauges indicate normal pressures, and sprinkler heads shall be unobstructed;
• Construction or renovation work areas shall be monitored continuously.  

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