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Central Protection was started in 2005 with the mission of providing quality security services to the Greater Puget Sound Area. The company has continued to grow since its inception and is now on of the premier security firms in Washington State.

CP is dedicated to the pursuit of professionalism in the security industry. It is our goal to become the number-one Security Company in the Northwest region. By employing professional, well-suited employees and providing them with the support to excel, we hope to conquer any obstacle that may arise. Through a well-designed training and evaluation process, our employees can obtain the highest standards in the industry. Our staff members are provided with the tools and resources necessary to complete a training program unlike any other. Through extensive academic and practical application courses, our staff develops the skills needed to excel in the security industry. The training program is designed in several phases and upon completion of each phase, employees will receive the ability for advancement.

Central Protection is a multifaceted security company providing security services to commercial, industrial and residential communities. Employees have the opportunity to experience a variety of different duties, ranging from site securities, patrol operations to corporate and retail loss prevention. We are always gaining new clients and technologies which continually expands our diversification into other areas of security.

Central Protection is dedicated to the advancement of the security professional and offers to employees a series of training opportunities. Each employee can participate in different levels of professional training and employees may receive their promotions only after they have obtained the proper certification.

Central Protection expects employees and
security guards of this organization to perform their duties with professionalism and attention to detail. Only through continued perseverance can we continue to excel in this industry.

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